Whats coming up…

I am really thinking about making a short retrospect of the development of CED.

You can check that out here. Its a really unfair arcade webgame, one play one add, or quarter… I know I am money hungry!

Anyways, when there is some time, I will get to it!

Thanks for coming by! See ya!



I just read my last article and I am wondering, why I come of as such a cool cat. Believe me, I am not. The internet has a really weary effect where people experience other people in this consistent mood thats just there, because some form of perfection is in all off us. Or better an aspiration to do better.

As I said, the guy who wrote the last one is the same writing this one. I recently had a real appiphany, assuming that nobody touched my safefile of true swing golf, which I dont believe to be true, because I let my younger cousin play in the past, and I dont believe the guy was such a cool cat again, I am off the fence when it comes to me being awesome… why? Well tooting your own horn is bad. Especially to yourself. Back to the Nintendo DS game, great system BTW! still going strong! But I must have been so comfy with being a brown turd, you know, and as much as I call out people on their bullshit, I still have my own too! I really do! And heres the kicker, I surround myself with people that really like that about me! How lucky is that??? But I just realized that the kid I was in the past was one that was really comfortable being the token brown kid, allthough I dont have an accent and thats NOT something special, dont feel special when you can speek the language spoken in the region you grew up in! STOOP! I got to know so many people where a parent or the parents are not from where I live. They still manage, yes, language is identity, yes my fathers language is important too, and it has been neglected. But I know, me and my dad, when we are close, we hit it off with language. And it gets better the more we are in the right environment and thats just something between the two of us! And thats worth the world over! Anyways, I noticed somebody checking out the site regularly! There you go! My mom is the women that takes care for me, I love making her laugh when she is mad at me. Its the moment I truely live! I love making people laugh. But it just works with my parents, because I get something out of that! LOVE! PEACE! KINDNESS! UNDERSTANDING!


Oh boy people!

Looking back at 2018 already, it seems like the end of the year is approaching faster than ever, christmas already creeping up. In a way, I am where I was, but that is not true. There is now more of a cloud, and thats right now not a bad thing. I am making a mistake by not posting regularly, but at the same time, why should I cater to anything, why should I act like I have infinite energy. Thats not the direction I want to take, but anyways, some analytics!

In 2018 this site had 83 visitors! That is really crazy, especially when I am kind of tumbleing through uni, but its fine because this is the EU! So I am still waisting money, but its at least not that expensive!

But anyways, anyone have ideas?

Seriously though, not really in retrospect, my twitter has 200 followers just from retweeting and following people… excessively! Forgot that! Energy pays in interest on social, but still thats pretty cool considering this guy did not do anything special!

I have some ideas, also I now know the difference between freeware and shareware software. Shareware has restricted access to its features while freeware will allways remain free! And thats when I had an idea, since I want to get into pygame, I want to make freeware titles with that framework, and handout a readme, with it, in it I will share a link to the mailchimp stuff I created a while back. Sounds like a good idea, but I still need to build up a backlog of code that I want to use, which means making some game, frankenstein it and make another one! If I keep a good rythm and release these, I think thats a good strategy to gain traction, also it makes me more creative!

Plus, I regret putting off just making games for a goof in the past! Its something I should have done more often, oh well, that does not mean I am not going to make something that is not worth at least looking at in the future.

About the little game I posted on Gamejolt, well I really want to finish it, thats why I am just hanging around, doing nothing… I am exhausted, for no reason! Stop looking at people and thinking that the one thing you know them for is the only thing they are doing, thats the mind of a lazy person right there!

In my oppinion it does not matter if you have done MORE work than the other person, you can allways hack your own productivity, where no one can call you out on your repetition! Thats not working hard, yeah I am making it hard on myself, so what? There are two different perspectives clashing here anyways, so there is no argument to be had here that has not been there yet! I mean it differently, and thats why I will at least make ‘something’ out of myself!

Advocate different perspectives everywhere you go, it furthers understanding between us! And more of ‘us’ is important! There is no way in the world that I will respect someone who has not been hit by at least a little adversity! Yes, we all have our problems and we all had our saviours, those people who did not see our weaknesses, but our strengths and did not judge us for them!



Ok Ok Ok

You guys, I am currently trying to figure out how I can increase the amount of posts. Thats it… this is what I plan on doing!

  • start a solo podcast, using podomatic, its completely free!!! but theres allways youtube! 😉
  • start making video tutorials, hovering around programming/software development/game development, I plan on making those short and consice! thats why I included all the technical stuff, you can just churn them out so quickly and nobody really capitalized on that… nah probably not true
  • write a freemium pdf
  • make shareware software for all plattforms (Win, Lin, MacOS)

Work on the game is continued in the summer, sorry! I am lazy and I have stuff to do that pushes my life forward, UNI stuff for example! Allthough, if this just blew up, which is never ever going to happen if I do not finish this game, so I can make the next one, or just nah, maybe I am doing just fine.

Summer is going to be a time filled with work, not my for my hobby gamedev blog type stuff, but actually UNI stuff. I want to clock in more of those grades and thats just achievable by going full gung ho! At the same time I want to actually get deeper into C++ development, developing my own programming language, developing my own operating system for desktops, but also get out into nature, get some exercise. I wont get real buff, but at the same time I kind of imagine that I will… anyways. I am allways surprised that people check my blog out, really, and it just makes me very happy at 0:25 nighttime! Oh android development is cool too! Figuring out free ways to distribute my app without apearing on some chinese website that is a downloadable app in itself. Oh its going to be not enough time in this summer, AND I really want to read some of those PDFs I have been accumilating over the years, learn blender, learn A LOT! and thats not counting UNI stuff, totally bamboozled this whole situation! Either way, you have a great day/night! I will talk to you soon! ❤

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So heres where we are…

I should really do some work for UNI… thats how much we will dwell on that today! Can you really fail in uni/college? You decide if you are not able to atend an exam, so why am I so concious about the fact that my journey is not goint anywhere? What is it that, maybe you can relate, makes you default to beating yourself up for nothing?

Shit just takes how long it takes. Back to the game, I did not work on it, probably this was just a proof of concept, I have made a little score for something I will work in tandem and after ProjectX. The latest Ludum Dare had me using Monogame to scramble around to make a game, it was not happening for me, but the stars aligned and and now the base thing is there for the game I am working on next. There is nothing on GameJolt yet, but it will be good. The idea is in my head 😉 its going to be muddy hehe 😀 oh yeah I made an itch.io account. While the GameJolt account is for anything really, I think the gold should be on itch.io, because the visibillity is unbelievable on itch, its a good chance and I dont want to blow that, I know how that sounds *phew*

My plan for the summer is to learn drawing manga, or learn drawing in general. The results of my fruitfull work will be used in ProjectX! So keep your eyes peeled for some art posts on Gamejolt. Maybe not IG for the time!

Maybe I will jump right into a new Devlog too, this time focusing on a high quality output, I am practicing with LMMS too, so there will be “selfmade” music too, for everything. I have a Soundcloud now, where I will just post anyhting really! I you read this you will be in the know on what I am up to, or not 😉

The last part of that will be definetely in the second project, characterart coming soon!

PS.: Keep the spelling errors!


So clouds man…

Hey, I have just put in clouds into my game, they do not move and they are just there, adding them has been a hasle, thats for sure! But I have learned from the experience, and allthough I feel kind of indifferent about it, I still wished I could have programmed that… because I know how to express that into code, or atleast I think I can. Visual programming, in a sense where you move logic blocks is allways bound to be very verbous… just look at Godot, there have been tutorials that show that allthough logic blocks are an easy way to interact with a certain set of instructions for the computer to handle, there is evidence that shows that typing out what a certain object needs to do in the lifetime of a certain process is just very effective in comparison…

Anyways, there has been a Devlog about my game up on Gamejolt, I talk a little bit more about the pitfalls of implementing the illusion of consecutive movement without having the comfort of text, except I dont do that, but… you will probably get where I am going with this…


Its right at the top… see you there bud 😉