So, I am currently doing this…

Yesterday, I had a misshappening with Stencyl, right now it is not really performent but they keep adding features, so I think they care. The beta just crashed on me a lot, thats all. If those issues get worked out I think it is a very cool upgrade, when you are a Scratcher. I just decided to give GDevelop a try, I never figured out how to add sprites, turns out I just need to click on the correct location and then its added. I must have no patience, or I am stupid. I ashamedly admit, I am a bachelor student of software development, I should be able to program all of this, I don’t. This is my headstart attempt at blogging, having an audience has it’s perks, especially when you are an aspiring [insert your dream profession here]

It’s cool though, I could still try to make an engine and some games on the side. Maybe, I should also make some programming tutorials. I am also a little into Poker right now, but I am so bad with personalities and such. I mean I really like watching a lot of stuff, it is really hard to keep up to everything. I probably do not catch up with whats going on in the world at all, I think thats pretty much the case! Yeah, pretty sure!

Anyways, figured that post is better than nothing, when I publish this site! In any case, have a great time on the internet!


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