what I have been up to…

You know I am in a situation right now where I want for myself to study, nevertheless I will still write on this blog with variable frequency, just because it makes me feel a certain way, I just cant really put a word to it, but it feels very nice. I really think the kind of thing I am doing right now is just create points where people can just latch on, but these are the kind of things that just sit there and dont create any attention, for now I am ok with just BUILDING. Building knowledge, building infrastructure like this site, learning about all the different ways of making money. Money is not a factor right now, I live with my parents and thats great. But earning some through these means, whether it be through games or other stuff in the future would be nice. The trial and error nature of this thing I am starting is just a pain in the ass, but I know I have other resposnsibillities right now.

I will now just let the laptop run, and start earning some crypto… Minergate is pretty easy. But if you are stupid like me you are mining some Bytecoin, its just not so profitable, just looked it up…

Anyways, I am done watching the Harry Potter movie they showed on television. One thought though. If you get to work on something on the weekdays then get some rest and take a pause, so you can continue to work at that pace. If you learn to limit yourself, it can have some profound effects on you, even if you think you are not the hardest worker.


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