So clouds man…

Hey, I have just put in clouds into my game, they do not move and they are just there, adding them has been a hasle, thats for sure! But I have learned from the experience, and allthough I feel kind of indifferent about it, I still wished I could have programmed that… because I know how to express that into code, or atleast I think I can. Visual programming, in a sense where you move logic blocks is allways bound to be very verbous… just look at Godot, there have been tutorials that show that allthough logic blocks are an easy way to interact with a certain set of instructions for the computer to handle, there is evidence that shows that typing out what a certain object needs to do in the lifetime of a certain process is just very effective in comparison…

Anyways, there has been a Devlog about my game up on Gamejolt, I talk a little bit more about the pitfalls of implementing the illusion of consecutive movement without having the comfort of text, except I dont do that, but… you will probably get where I am going with this…

Its right at the top… see you there bud 😉


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