So heres where we are…

I should really do some work for UNI… thats how much we will dwell on that today! Can you really fail in uni/college? You decide if you are not able to atend an exam, so why am I so concious about the fact that my journey is not goint anywhere? What is it that, maybe you can relate, makes you default to beating yourself up for nothing?

Shit just takes how long it takes. Back to the game, I did not work on it, probably this was just a proof of concept, I have made a little score for something I will work in tandem and after ProjectX. The latest Ludum Dare had me using Monogame to scramble around to make a game, it was not happening for me, but the stars aligned and and now the base thing is there for the game I am working on next. There is nothing on GameJolt yet, but it will be good. The idea is in my head 😉 its going to be muddy hehe 😀 oh yeah I made an account. While the GameJolt account is for anything really, I think the gold should be on, because the visibillity is unbelievable on itch, its a good chance and I dont want to blow that, I know how that sounds *phew*

My plan for the summer is to learn drawing manga, or learn drawing in general. The results of my fruitfull work will be used in ProjectX! So keep your eyes peeled for some art posts on Gamejolt. Maybe not IG for the time!

Maybe I will jump right into a new Devlog too, this time focusing on a high quality output, I am practicing with LMMS too, so there will be “selfmade” music too, for everything. I have a Soundcloud now, where I will just post anyhting really! I you read this you will be in the know on what I am up to, or not 😉

The last part of that will be definetely in the second project, characterart coming soon!

PS.: Keep the spelling errors!


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