Ok Ok Ok

You guys, I am currently trying to figure out how I can increase the amount of posts. Thats it… this is what I plan on doing!

  • start a solo podcast, using podomatic, its completely free!!! but theres allways youtube! 😉
  • start making video tutorials, hovering around programming/software development/game development, I plan on making those short and consice! thats why I included all the technical stuff, you can just churn them out so quickly and nobody really capitalized on that… nah probably not true
  • write a freemium pdf
  • make shareware software for all plattforms (Win, Lin, MacOS)

Work on the game is continued in the summer, sorry! I am lazy and I have stuff to do that pushes my life forward, UNI stuff for example! Allthough, if this just blew up, which is never ever going to happen if I do not finish this game, so I can make the next one, or just nah, maybe I am doing just fine.

Summer is going to be a time filled with work, not my for my hobby gamedev blog type stuff, but actually UNI stuff. I want to clock in more of those grades and thats just achievable by going full gung ho! At the same time I want to actually get deeper into C++ development, developing my own programming language, developing my own operating system for desktops, but also get out into nature, get some exercise. I wont get real buff, but at the same time I kind of imagine that I will… anyways. I am allways surprised that people check my blog out, really, and it just makes me very happy at 0:25 nighttime! Oh android development is cool too! Figuring out free ways to distribute my app without apearing on some chinese website that is a downloadable app in itself. Oh its going to be not enough time in this summer, AND I really want to read some of those PDFs I have been accumilating over the years, learn blender, learn A LOT! and thats not counting UNI stuff, totally bamboozled this whole situation! Either way, you have a great day/night! I will talk to you soon! ❤

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