I just read my last article and I am wondering, why I come of as such a cool cat. Believe me, I am not. The internet has a really weary effect where people experience other people in this consistent mood thats just there, because some form of perfection is in all off us. Or better an aspiration to do better.

As I said, the guy who wrote the last one is the same writing this one. I recently had a real appiphany, assuming that nobody touched my safefile of true swing golf, which I dont believe to be true, because I let my younger cousin play in the past, and I dont believe the guy was such a cool cat again, I am off the fence when it comes to me being awesome… why? Well tooting your own horn is bad. Especially to yourself. Back to the Nintendo DS game, great system BTW! still going strong! But I must have been so comfy with being a brown turd, you know, and as much as I call out people on their bullshit, I still have my own too! I really do! And heres the kicker, I surround myself with people that really like that about me! How lucky is that??? But I just realized that the kid I was in the past was one that was really comfortable being the token brown kid, allthough I dont have an accent and thats NOT something special, dont feel special when you can speek the language spoken in the region you grew up in! STOOP! I got to know so many people where a parent or the parents are not from where I live. They still manage, yes, language is identity, yes my fathers language is important too, and it has been neglected. But I know, me and my dad, when we are close, we hit it off with language. And it gets better the more we are in the right environment and thats just something between the two of us! And thats worth the world over! Anyways, I noticed somebody checking out the site regularly! There you go! My mom is the women that takes care for me, I love making her laugh when she is mad at me. Its the moment I truely live! I love making people laugh. But it just works with my parents, because I get something out of that! LOVE! PEACE! KINDNESS! UNDERSTANDING!


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