Something to talk about…

So there were some things that happened or that changed rather, in the time between this article and the last one, mainly that I will now focus more on typing speed and training that in order to be more efficiant, I wont use the spell checker though, just care about getting this out there, but I also dont have the need to externalise anything or something of that matter in this article.

No, this time its a little different, as I notice my typing has significantly improved, maybe should try to practice with english words as well, since that online typing challenge was only with german words, but oh, I can tell an instant improvement, now its just about getting the fluidity down to a tee!

On that note though, I have to admit that stenography is something I really hated in school, yeah no shit, who probably didnt, but I have to be honest, having a typing game thats challenging can really activate my brain, its nuts!

Its also low effort to start up and really fun, I should have sourced out these typing games more often way back… I guess I will have the chance to catch up now! I honestly never thought about the limiting factor in your abillity to code being the speed of your typing… but honestly, it might really put you ahead in comparrisson to others.

Allright enough of that, speaking of coding, after I failed in telling you about my misshappenings in gamedev, mainly the reason I am writing this blog anyway… I will now proceed in telling you a successfull moment I had just recently, and maybe something different as well.

I am currently trying to finish that shooter prototype that i have on, I am planning to submit the finished work with buttler and I hope that works since I did not use buttler from the start… we will just have to see how this will pan out, but back to the project (, at the current state of it on itch, it will just open a window and you have a spaceship that looks like a purple beatle and you can controll it with wasd and space should shoot, if not than that only works with my version, I dont know anymore how “far” I have come.

What has changed in the version that hasnt been uploaded yet is that I have figured out how to display severall sprites of one thing, I am using structs as opposed to objects to have multiple entities of a “thing” on the screen, its basicly 200 lines of code if that sparks your imagination, the whole programm that is, since I use SFML (, not my work, which is a folder that contains all matter of different classes that help with media, etc. At least thats the C++ version, or language binding as they call it.

You can shoot neon circle bullets, they are graphical primitives that sfml allows me to display on the screen, that was the first way I figured out how to simulate a lot of things going on, in the screen, now the ship is a little big, i may zoom out at some point in the game just to make it feel differently, especially because sfml allows me to do so, but still, if I really would want to make it proper with a smooth zoom in and out it would take longer, so I have to think about that, but still, its probably just a number that will raise slowly throughout the gameloop repeating itself, so it might be wise to store min/max values of that.

Oh yeah I tolled you I figured out how to display severall “entities”. Well, I have my structs and they store an array, an array of numbers and sprites, thats it, they are all sorted and numbered, if you use the same value for each struct variable, I just need to circle through to access the data, its actually not that taxing to have 150 sprites storred as a list or array, whatever its actually called. I allready displayed them as well, no difference in start up time, at least I did not notice any, had to figure out random numbers for that! hehe LOL, why didnt I think of this earlier, oh well, I checked out some of the ludum dare speaches and there was a greek women who suggested using random numbers, that really spead things up, yet they still just stand there, the enemy ships that is, so I better figure out how to make them move in a predictable fashion based on the random x/y values they had assigned to them, offcourse I thought of capping the values of x and y at the screen width and height, it looks like an overlapping armada of “airships” on the screen. Worked like a charm, now I just have to let them get shot, dissapear, play the explosion animation I have for them, and they can, as a next step move around freely and pose as difficult targets to be hit for the player.

Can you believe it, we are actually, finally talking about something related to gamedev on here, how long did it take? A couple job interviews, a couple of bad semesters, etc. but I am not here to just do my job, I want to do this… fully to be frank, I will finish university, no matter how long it takes, I will find a job, I will take courses(not uni related) to distinguish myself on the market place and to more easily find a job, I will try to be a small business owner, publish mobile apps, as well as games, will just try to figure it out, I want to try out making small programming tutorials on youtube… that will sure be fun. But a year only has so much time left… and we will see if and how everything is going to work out!

The maingoal is definately to become a rolling stone so to speak, no not that kind of Rolling Stone, I mean if I ever have some form of roadblock or setback, that I tell myself I have too much to do to ever fall in a hole!


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